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Title: Mid-Atlantic Convenience Stores Announces New Circle K Branding Platform
Description: The new retail brand strategy positions MACS as an exclusive Circle K developer in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C.
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RICHMOND, Va. ? Mid-Atlantic Convenience Stores (MACS), one of the largest convenience store networks and fuel distributors in the mid-Atlantic region, announced yesterday a new retail branding strategy that positions MACS as the exclusive developer for the Circle K brand in four regions: Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

Today, MACS is comprised of approximately 300 company-owned and dealer-operated retail locations throughout Maryland and Virginia, which until now have gone to market as various brands, such as Uppy?s, On the Run and Tiger Mart. With yesterday?s announcement, MACS will begin converting its 71 company-owned retail locations to Circle K stores ? the first wave of a comprehensive Circle K brand platform that will span the entire mid-Atlantic region.

?This partnership will allow us go to market with consumers as Circle K but corporately remain independent as MACS,? said Dan Pastor, CEO of MACS. ?Circle K had virtually no presence in this region, so the relationship is ideal as we get to build and operate the brand in our core markets. The potential is unmatched.?

Pastor continued, ?This is a unique arrangement that provides compelling value to both of our organizations: MACS will build a strong brand presence leveraging Circle K?s assets while retaining autonomy to operate, market and merchandise locally in our region.?

The MACS executive leadership team began exploring brand development options in the fourth quarter of 2011, scrutinizing opportunities for proprietary brand development, as well as a licensed brand path. The company determined the licensed brand option with Circle K provided an unbeatable combination of brand equity, flexibility, sales potential and speed to market.

?We are excited to leverage Circle K?s fresh foodservice, roller grill and dispensed beverage platforms to grow sales and connect with our customers,? said Derek Gaskins, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising. ?Additionally, we have the opportunity to tap into Circle K?s vast network and experience in regards to training programs, own brands and promotional strategies.?

?There are more than 3,400 Circle K?s in the United States, but this will be the first footprint of the Circle K brand in the mid-Atlantic region of the country,? said Dennis Tewell, vice president of franchising for Circle K, a division of Alimentation Couche-Tard. ?We are excited and proud to begin the growth in this market with MACS. They are a very talented and well-led group.?

The deal between MACS and Circle K will also provide significant opportunity for independent dealers in the mid-Atlantic region who wish to become a Circle K franchisee. Gaskins forecasts that details about independent dealer opportunities will be forthcoming in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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Formatted Article Date: July 12, 2012

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