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Title: Amazon Expands C-Store Locker Test
Description: With two new sites opening in Northern Virginia, the Amazon Locker system could be coming to a convenience store near you.
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NEW YORK ? Amazon.com customers who don?t have a secure mailbox or doorstep could soon have the option to pick up their orders at the local convenience store.

DailyFinance.com reports that the online retailer is expanding its Amazon Locker system after successful testing in Seattle, New York City and London. Located in convenience stores, drug stores or other well-lit venues, the lockers provide customers the option to have their Amazon purchases delivered and stored safely till pick up.

Two 7-Eleven stores in Arlington, Virginia, have recently been outfitted with a bank of electronic Amazon lockers, where residents can opt to have their Amazon orders delivered to the lockers rather than a home address. Items sold or fulfilled by Amazon.com can be delivered to an Amazon Locker as long as they're light enough and small enough to fit into a locker.

According to Amazon.com, Amazon Lockers are self-service pick-up stations, where customers can pick up their packages at a time that?s convenient for them. Once a package is delivered, customers receive an e-mail, which contains a unique pick-up code, informing them that it?s ready. Packages are available for pick-up for three days from the date of delivery. If a package is not picked up within the reservation window, it will be returned to Amazon for a full refund.

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Formatted Article Date: July 12, 2012

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