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Title: Family Dollar Faces Protests in Southwest Atlanta
Description: Hundreds of protesters turn out to oppose plans by the dollar-store chain to build a new store in an area where residents say its presence has lowered property values.
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ATLANTA ? Several hundred protesters coalesced last week to try to force Family Dollar to abandon its plan to build a store in southwest Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The protesters argued that the chain already has several stores in the area, and that the concentration of the discount stores is lowering nearby residential property values and attracting crime.

?We are not anti-business,? said Audraine Jackson, an area resident and owner of Jackson Communication. ?The issue here is the aggressive marketing tactics of Family Dollar that disproportionately targets the African-American community. For us to have four stores in this ZIP code alone is totally unacceptable.?

In response, Family Dollar spokesperson Bryn Winburn said the company would ?work diligently? to make sure the store is a ?positive addition? to the community.

?Family Dollar is proud to be a neighborhood store and we continuously strive to be a positive part of the neighborhoods we serve. We look forward to working with this community to create a store we can all be proud of,? Byrn said.

?Somebody might argue and say, ?Well, this is economic development,?? said Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond. ?This is not the type of economic development that we want.?

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