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Title: Oregon Gas Station Taps Beer Trends
Description: At the Stop & Go Shell, customers can fill their growlers with 30 different West Coast brews.
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BEND, Ore. ? Filling up has a new connotation at the Stop & Go Shell in Bend, Oregon. The station stocks 30 varieties of West Coast beer on tap to fill customers? growlers (64-ounce beer containers), KTVZ.com reports.

?As soon as we put it in, the reaction on the street was phenomenal,? said co-owner Kizer Couch. ?Everybody thought this was the best idea, for the Eastside of town in particular.?

Couch said the idea came from a NACS Magazine article about convenience stores with beer on tap for growlers. ?We're right here in the beer capital in Central Oregon,? said Couch. ?So we have all these breweries who are doing awesome. They are some of the only people who are successful right now in the economy, so we thought, ?Boy, I wonder if we can do that here???

The Stop & Go started with 14 different beers before expanding to 30 varieties on tap. The store will fill traditional growlers and also sells a smaller container called a growlette.

?Those are just awesome for all the girls,? said Kelly Wilson, who works at the store. ?We've got ciders, light beers, and we have all the dark stuff too. That's also a good thing to taste the beers.?

Eventually, Couch would like to add at least one brew from every Bend brewery. The local brewers all have expressed support for the taps, he added.

Read more about convenience stores offering growlers in recent NACS Daily stories featuring Sunoco and Parker?s.

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Formatted Article Date: August 29, 2012

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