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Title: BP Identifies and Corrects Source of Fuel Quality Issue
Description: Approximately 200 retail outlets in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area were supplied with off-specification regular-grade gasoline, along with 20 additional retail sites in the Milwaukee area that received off-specification premium gasoline.
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CHICAGO ? BP announced last week that it has traced the source of the off-specification fuel to problems related to the alkylation unit at the company?s Whiting, Indiana, refinery. The refinery has made changes to operations at the plant to fix the problem and return fuels produced there back within normal specifications.

The company also continues to systematically inspect and test the distribution system served by the refinery.�BP has confirmed that regular gasoline supplied to gas stations in Northwest Indiana, the Chicago-area and Milwaukee is back within normal specifications. Testing of this gasoline will continue to ensure quality.

With regards to premium and midgrade sales, which make up less than 20% of the company?s sales volume in the region, the company reported that fuel sold from the Milwaukee terminal is also back within normal specifications. As a precaution, the company has temporally halted distribution and sale of premium and midgrade gasoline in the Chicago-area pending further testing.

BP has established a dedicated claims facility to speed processing of consumer calls and claims. BP has begun paying claims and is following up with consumers who have contacted the company.

BP spokesman Scott Dean told CBS News last week that the company has heard from more than 10,000 customers possibly needing repairs to their vehicles. BP advises that consumers who purchased off-specification fuel can file a claim by calling (800) 333-3991 or (800) 599-9040 to speak to a claims representative. Consumers should save sales receipts, credit/debit card records and repair bills. They can also access information and submit an online inquiry at bpresponse.com.

BP is committed to working with every affected BP consumer to remedy this situation.

Content Subject: Petroleum Retailing
Formatted Article Date: August 27, 2012

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