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Title: Neiman Marcus to Offer Real-Time Mobile Offers
Description: Enrolled shoppers receive personalized SMS text messages while shopping with a Visa card near a Neiman Marcus store.
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LOUISVILLE, KY ? Neiman Marcus Inc. is partnering with Visa Inc. to test ?nmbuzz,? a mobile offers program that provides shoppers with real-time offers via their mobile devices, Mobile Payments Today reports.

"At Neiman Marcus we always strive to exceed our customers' expectations," said Wanda Gierhart, senior vice president, chief marketing officer, Neiman Marcus Group Services. "This technology allows us to be in touch with many of our Neiman Marcus customers in a way we know they prefer."

Through nmbuzz, shoppers receive SMS text messages while shopping with an enrolled Visa card. For instance, after using their Visa card to make a purchase near a Neiman Marcus store, a shopper might receive a message announcing a special promotion.

"Personalization and mobile technology are driving growth in today's retail environment," said Leigh Amaro, senior business leader, information products, Visa Inc. "Visa works closely with merchants and financial institutions to create new ways they can use our network to better meet the needs of their customers."

Neiman Marcus is no stranger to progressive mobile initiatives. In May, the retailer provided 4,000 of its sales associates with smartphones in order to better serve customers. And it has also partnered with Foursquare on a social media promotion.

Content Subject: Technology
Formatted Article Date: September 11, 2012

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