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Title: Grocer Debuts a ?Man Aisle?
Description: The shelves feature typical male products, such as beer, soda, beef jerky and barbecue sauces.
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NEW YORK CITY ? For men tired of grocery stores that are too girly, Westside Market has just the aisle for them: The Man Aisle, that is. There, men can browse beer, cereal, beef jerky, hot sauces, condoms, soda, barbecue sauces and Chock Full o?Nuts coffee, The Daily Meal reports.

?People rarely cater to men in the supermarket,? said COO Ian Joskowitz. ?So I thought let?s do something fun, get people talking, something guys would like. So we started discussion, and it?s funny because most of us came up with a very similar list.?

A recent ESPN study showed that 31% of grocery shoppers were men, compared with 14% in 1985. A similar study found that fathers are doing more of the grocery shopping these days.

?If he?s in the store, he?s doing the shopping, so we do a little something fun for him,? said Joskowitz. ?The whole rest of the store is for the family.?

Westside gives out a ?Men?s Supermarket Survival Guide? that has advice such as ?Not only doing the shopping but the cooking also? First pat yourself on the back from Westside Market NYC then choose either olive or canola oil.?

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Formatted Article Date: July 27, 2012

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