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Title: Retailers Not Yet Flocking to the Enhanced Google Wallet
Description: The Google Wallet now accepts all major credit cards, but will it be enough to lure retailers?
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SAN FRANCISCO ? Google?s announcement last week that it had updated its Wallet to include all major credit cards was a strong coup but not necessarily one that will spring widespread retailer adoption, InformationWeek.com reports.

Google Wallet now runs on the Virgin Mobile network and Sprint on the Android platform. However, while its infrastructure has been enhanced, its partnerships have not.

Google has not announced additions to its list of national retail partners, which currently include just American Eagle Outfitters, Guess, Bloomingdales, Foot Locker, Jamba Juice, Macy's, RadioShack, Subway, The Container Store, Toys "R" Us and Walgreens. Other retail transactions from Google Wallet must incorporate MasterCard's Paypass system.

For now, it appears to be selecting retailers who have a presence in U.S. malls, a popular hangout for teens who would be the most willing to try a virtual wallet.

Content Subject: Technology
Formatted Article Date: August 7, 2012

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