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Title: Statoil Stations Tests Parcel Pickup
Description: Latvian Post is piloting a program that delivers packages to gasoline stations in Riga, Latvia.
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RIGA, Latvia ? Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia has partnered with Latvian Post to accept packages for customers at its gasoline stations, much like Amazon.com?s delivery lockers, Petro Plaza reports. The two companies are testing the program at seven Statoil locations in Riga, Latvia.

?We are confident that customers will appreciate the convenient offer ? receiving items ordered from catalogues at their own convenience and preferred location ? and we expect to be able to expand the service to our other filling stations,? said Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia executive director Ilza Silina.

During the pilot project, only particular mail-order catalogue companies will be able to ship to the specific gas stations. Customers can order products up to 7kg in weight from the sellers, which include Bon Prix, Select and Otto. The program will run for two months before Latvian Post decides whether to expand and continue the service.

?The cooperation project with Statoil is only the first step in the innovative Latvian Post plan to bring the customer ever closer and more user-friendly services. We will try more and more to expand services to our customers in a convenient and efficient way,? said Maris Kleinbergs, Latvian Post chairman.

Catalogue customers receive a text or email ? or a mailed messaged ? when their parcel is ready for collection. Packages can be picked up 24 hours a day at the gasoline stations, and will be available for 10 days after notifications. Latvian Post anticipates adding more remote sellers as the pilot study continues.

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Formatted Article Date: August 10, 2012

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