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Title: New Brunswick Tobacco Tax Revenue Outweighs Health Costs
Description: Tobacco companies sued by New Brunswick over health-care costs argue that the province collected more on cigarette taxes than it paid to treat smoking-related illnesses.
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FREDERICTON ? In response to a lawsuit by the New Brunswick government over health-care costs, tobacco companies say the province collected more on cigarette taxes than it paid in medical services to smokers, CBC News reports.

As a result, British American Tobacco and Carreras Rothmans argued earlier this week that the lawsuit should be dismissed.

New Brunswick sued several tobacco companies in an effort to collect the costs of treating smoking-related diseases. In response, the tobacco companies said money spent treating smoking-related diseases came from a ?predetermined budget? for ?health care generally? and that in any event, smoking was legal throughout the 60-year period covered by the lawsuit.

New Brunswick filed the lawsuit against the tobacco companies in March 2008, following a similar suit brought by the British Columbia provincial government.

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Formatted Article Date: August 23, 2012

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