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Title: Domino?s Redesigns Stores With Eye on Carryout Comfort
Description: The pizza chain says the redesign project is not an indication that it?s focusing on dine-in customers.
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. ? Domino?s is retrofitting stores with carryout customers in mind, but the chain says it doesn?t want customers stick around and eat, Nation?s Restaurant News reports.

Currently, Domino?s has revamped a dozen locations so that customers can view orders being made, relax in front of a television or supplement their order from a grab-and-go section.

?We?re not changing what we do,? said spokesman Chris Brandon. ?There?s more seating, and if somebody really wants to sit there and have a slice or two of their pizza, there?s going to be a more comfortable setting to do that, but we?re not moving in that direction. This is just about the consumer experience being more comfortable, and the increase in pick-up orders helps that.?

Domino?s have seen an uptick in carryout traffic with its takeout specials. The redesign is a way to provide more incentive for customers to pick up a pizza.

Another pizza chain, Toppers Pizza, has also experienced a bump in carryout revenue when it redid its lobbies starting in 2007. The chain added comfortable leather chairs, coffee tables and flat-screen televisions to cater to customers waiting for orders.

?During the high-traffic periods, whether at lunch or late night, we?re still primarily carryout and delivery,? said Scott Iversen, vice president of marketing. ?But as we?ve gone to higher-profile real estate locations, we want to make the store more inviting and more comfortable to wait in. It?s made a difference in how we?re perceived, in comparison to the bigger chains.?

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Formatted Article Date: September 5, 2012

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