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Title: Apartment Complex Readies for Automated C-Store
Description: A new Shop24 robostore is slated to open in early October at an East Coast apartment complex.
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BETHLEHEM, Pa. ? Shop 24 Global continues to expand its automated convenience store concept in the United States.

Lehigh Valley Business writes that the Hatfield Village apartment complex will soon offer a Shop24 robotic store to accompany a new fitness park.

The 40-sq. ft. unit will offer up to 200 convenience store items that weigh anywhere from one ounce to eight pounds. Originally operated in Europe, Shop24 dispenses a variety of items such as snacks, cleaning supplies, health and beauty products and full meals. The automated store is self-contained, refrigerated and designed to enable 24/7 purchases.

Shop24 stores are currently found at many college campuses and apartment communities across the United States. NACS featured the innovative concept in its ?Ideas 2 Go? video program in 2006 (this year?s ?Ideas 2 Go? program will debut October 9 at the NACS Show).

The company recently added bus terminals to its list of locations. Shop 24 Global announced in August the first Shop24 robotic convenience store for Greyhound in the Oklahoma City Greyhound terminal. The store is owned and operated by Total Express 24-7 LLC of Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Formatted Article Date: September 10, 2012

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