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Title: Boulder Considering 20-Cent Bag Fee
Description: The fee would apply to all disposable bags distributed at the Colorado town's grocery and convenience stores.
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BOULDER, CO ? Boulder?s Environmental Advisory Board discussed yesterday a 20-cent fee to use a plastic or paper disposable bag at local grocery stores, The Daily Camera reports.

City officials recommended the fee after the City Council supported the idea earlier this year. In the meantime, the city is seeking public feedback on the bag fee, both online and at a meeting next week. The City Council will vote on the ordinance October 16.

The fee would apply to all disposable bags distributed at grocery and convenience stores. If adopted, it would take effect July 2013.

"The goal of this fee is to eventually have very little money come in," said Jamie Harkins, Boulder business sustainability specialist. "Our goal is to get as close to no bag use as possible as soon as possible."

If the proposal passes, the city will distribute free, reusable bags, Harkin said.

"We're really going to partner to do outreach to folks, especially in the low-income communities, so they don't feel the brunt of this," she said.

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Formatted Article Date: September 13, 2012

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