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Title: ?Pizza Theater? Coming to Domino?s
Description: Domino?s Pizza opened its 9,999th store in Carlsbad, California, which features a new restaurant concept.
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ANN ARBOR, MI ? Domino's Pizza announced earlier this week the opening of its 9,999th store, a new-image ?Pizza Theater? in Carlsbad, California.

The announcement came just days after the pizza chain launched its new Handmade Pan Pizza, which will be featured at the new store.

The ?Pizza Theater? design features a comfortable lobby, open area for viewing the pizza-making process, in-store seating, optional in-store kiosk ordering and the ability to track carryout orders electronically.

"This is an exciting milestone for all of us here at Domino's Pizza," said�Scott Hinshaw, Domino's executive vice president of franchise operations. "We could not be more proud of the dedication and hard work put in over the past 52 years to get to this point. I believe this new store marks the start of the next chapter in the storied growth of our brand here in the United States."

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Formatted Article Date: September 28, 2012

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