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Title: Coffee and a Movie?
Description: Coinstar is testing Rubi, a self-serve kiosk that dispenses lattes and fresh-ground coffee.
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BELLVUE, Wash. ? Want hot coffee to go with your movie? Soon, you might be able to order a cup while you grab a DVD from Redbox, Bloomberg Business Week reports. Coinstar has started a pilot program with Rubi, a box that grinds Seattle?s Best coffee beans and brews a fresh cup of Joe in a minute.

The company has its eye on the $28.5 billion out-of-the-home coffee market, with an agenda to make inroads into the premium market with coffee offered at drugstores and big-box retailers. ?The coffee market is enormous,? said Ken Redding, general manager for Rubi. ?The market is very much about convenience and desire. We?ve built a platform that can be in arms length of desire.?

The machines will serve around 28 cups daily, with a cup of coffee running $1 to $1.50, and specialty beverages topping out at $2. Those prices will likely appeal to budget-conscious consumers.

Safeway has agreed to host some of the first 50 installations of Rubi. However, none of the stores with Starbucks cafes will have a Rubi. Harris Teeter Supermarkets also is part of the Rubi pilot program.

Coinstar has been working on technology that is similar to a French press for several years. ?American consumers have moved from buying the worst quality in the world to buying among the best coffee in the world,? said Redding, adding that the company might operate up to 15,000 Rubi kiosks one day.

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Formatted Article Date: October 5, 2012

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