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Title: Arby?s Looks to Sheds Fast Food Image
Description: The QSR is revamping its image, hoping to convince diners that it is a destination for fresh food.
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NEW YORK ? Arby?s Restaurant Group Inc. launched a new ad campaign earlier this week that seeks to portray itself as a destination for fresh food, in the hope that it can lure consumers who might otherwise eat at a Subway restaurant, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

?We see ourselves as a sandwich shop, but we don?t always get credit for that from the consumer,? said Andrew Keller, chief executive officer at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, the agency that developed the campaign.

The campaign targets Arby?s most loyal customers ? the 20% who account for two-thirds of its total transactions, chief marketing officer Russ Klein said. Those customers dine out roughly 50 times a month, with Arby?s comprising six of those visits.

Commensurate with the launch is a plan for Arby?s to add up to one dozen new products, including a hot turkey sandwich (to be released later this month), peppermint milk shake, molten lava cake, and miniature sandwiches.

?Ninety percent of their out-of-home food decisions represent an opportunity for us to garner an extra visit from them because of the expanded variety,? Klein said.

The campaign will also kick off a new logo and packaging and menu boards that will deploy by February, and corporate-owned restaurants will undergo renovations at the end of the year.

Content Subject: Foodservice, Marketing/Merchandising
Formatted Article Date: October 2, 2012

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