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Title: How Much for the Crackers? One Tweet.
Description: Kellogg?s allows customers at a pop-up store in London to pay for crackers with a tweet.
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LONDON ? Kellogg?s has deployed a social media-currency initiative at a London pop-up store, allowing customers to pay for Special K Cracker Crisps with a tweet, AdAge reports.

The exchange highlights the value, AdAge writes, ?that Twitter holds in the real world, as well as a demonstration of how our online and offline lives are merging.?

The campaign has been successful in engaging consumers, who have tweeted for their free snacks while also spreading the word about the campaign.

The treat-earning tweets must bear the requisite #tweetshop hashtag and include any other consumer remark, which to-date have been overwhelmingly positive.

"Consumers now recognize the value of the data they create on social networks and search engines ? the Facebook IPO has highlighted that ? and the power is shifting, as brands begin to acknowledge the real value of consumer networks,? said Zoe Lazarus, author of the social media report, ?The New Value Shift.?

While there have been previous Twitter campaigns that offer consumers something of value in exchange for a tweet, the Special K campaign is perhaps the first real-life campaign involving human interaction.

Sarah Case, brand manager for Special K, said, "The value of positive endorsements on social-media sites is beyond compare, so we're excited to be the first company to literally use social currency instead of financial currency to launch this new product in our bespoke Special K shop."

The pop-up store is open for just four days and sells only Special K Cracker Crisps, a new low-calorie snack. The crackers usually retail for $1 a packet.

Content Subject: Marketing/Merchandising
Formatted Article Date: September 28, 2012

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